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What Qualities Should I Look For In A Sensual Massage Provider?

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Professionalism is one of the most important qualities a massage therapist or provider should have. For most patrons (especially new or first-time patrons) they are already taking a huge risk by pursuing these types of services to begin with. Knowing how to conduct yourself in a professional manner is one of the best ways to help patrons feel more at ease. Professionalism begins from the very first interaction with the client (whether by phone, email or text) and extends to the follow-up that should be done after each to make sure the client had an enjoyable experience. Professionalism should be immediately obvious in the way they market their services, the way they present themselves, the way they communicate with you, the way they discuss boundaries as well as personal fantasies with you, the way they treat you and respond to you during the session and the way they handle the financial arrangements associated with the session.


In this industry, there is a wide range of quality you could potentially experience during your massage session. The old moniker “you get what you pay for” is particularly true in this industry. This is one of the oldest professions in the world and there have always been (and will always be) those providers who go after the masses with low quality services for a low price. So if price is your primary motivator then you should be prepared to have a fairly low-quality experience. On the other hand, if you truly want to have a quality experience then you should be prepared to pay for that level of quality. Most providers know what other providers are offering and at what price. So, thinking that you are going to get lucky and get a really awesome experience for a very low price (because the provider doesn’t really know what they are doing) doesn’t happen very often.

But most of us know quality when we see it and when we experience it. In addition, quality is not only about the experience but also about the person you have the experience with. So, perhaps the ultimate judge of quality is would you go back to see this provider again.


In a Sensual Massage session, you have two or more adults who will be touching, smelling and sometimes tasting each others bodies. In some cases you may also be dealing with body to body contact. As a result, cleanliness is a very big deal (both for the client and the provider). If the provider you schedule with turns out not to be very clean, you will most likely not enjoy your experience very much. Likewise, if you show up all stinky and sweaty (especially in your private regions) then your provider may actually refuse to see you and certainly may not ever agree to see you again. You should also be aware that providers keep notes on their clientele and they often share these notes with other providers within the business. So, if you develop a reputation in this business as being “not clean” (either as a client or a provider) that is not a good thing.

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Good Communication

For Sensual Massages, there are actually several distinct times when good communication is critically important including:

  • When You First Contact The Provider: Depending on the type of provider you choose… your first contact with the provide may be either by phone, email, text or just by walking through the front door of a retail space. How you are communicated with can tell you a lot about the provider.

    1. Speaking Your Language: It is really important that they can effectively speak your language. It is kind of difficult for you to know what you are getting yourself into if you can’t understand them. It is also difficult for them to know what you really want if they can’t understand you. Secondly, the method of communication also says a lot about the provider.

    2. Method Of Communication: The method they use to communicate with you also says something about the individual:

      1. Phone: Unless you are contacting a walk-in massage parlor, providers probably won’t talk to you over the phone (and perhaps not even provider a phone number at all). The reason for this is because they don’t want the general public to have their phone number (which may be their personal cell number). In addition, providers don’t want their patrons to be calling them randomly just to chat, flirt or just be annoying in general. Let’s face it… not all clients are respectful and professional themselves. So, providers have plenty of reasons not to give out their phone numbers.

      2. Email: Some providers prefer to use email because it is the most secure form of communication. Some providers will even use encrypted email providers (such as ProtonMail) as an added layer of security. Unfortunately, email is also one of the slowest forms of communication (other than U.S. mail) so it can be a little frustrating just trying to set up an appointment. Email is also viewed (at least by younger providers and many professionals) as being an outdated technology that is going the way of the dinosaurs. But sometimes email is still a useful method of communication.

      3. Text: More progressive providers use text as their primary form of communication. This allows them to respond quickly to clients while also not having to take direct phone calls. Using text can also be helpful when you are coordinating your schedule and even with directions to their site.

    3. Screening Process: Most reputable providers in this industry have some sort of screening process. In fact, you should seriously think long and hard before seeing any individual that does NOT have a valid screening process. This process protects you just as much as it does them. This screening process is designed primarily to protect the individual from certain situations such as:

      1. Abusive Or Disrespectful Clients: As I mentioned previously, not all clients are respectful and professional. In fact, some are actually abusive to providers, may threaten providers or do things that just make the provider very uncomfortable. What these abusive clients don’t realize is that most reputable providers use third-party services to do background or reference checks on any prospective clients. In addition, providers also report any clients to these same services who turn out to be abusive or disrespectful.

      2. Clients Who Don’t Pay: The fees charged for a particular service are normally quite clear and presented to the client in advance. However, you might be surprised how many clients try to play games with providers over these fees or just not pay them at all. This is really just another way of being abusive or disrespectful to the provider. Providers are allocating their time to the client and providing a valuable service. As such, they should be paid their designated fee (and usually a tip if they provided a truly quality service). As a result, clients who refuse or try to get out of paying these fees are reported to the same third-party services mentioned above.

      3. Clients With Fake Or No Identities: Because of the nature of this business, many clients are reluctant to provide certain forms of identification. However, from the provider’s viewpoint they would be taking a huge risk by seeing anyone who won’t identify themselves in any way or prove that they are a real and reputable person. This is why most reputable providers will simply turn away any person who won’t provide this information as part of the screening process. So, as a client, you should seriously think twice before seeing a Provider that DOESN’T ask for this type of information. If you simply refuse to provide this information, then you’re only real option is to use a walk-in massage parlor that doesn’t require this information or take a chance with some provider that let’s total strangers walk through their door. Either way, you are putting yourself in a very risky situation and you really have no idea what you might be walking into. In addition, from a Provider’s perspective the worse situation is when someone provides them with fake forms of identity. This tells you right away that this person can’t be trusted and is probably a fraudster. So, these people are also reported to the third-party services mentioned above.

      4. Law Enforcement: The last thing that a provider wants or needs is to be dealing with some form of law enforcement. While there are valid reasons why laws should exist in this industry (primarily going after those involved in human trafficking or managing prostitution on public streets) most providers truly believe they are providing a valuable service to their clients and they should be able to be paid for that. As we’ve discussed in our other article (Are Sensual Massages Legal?), there are many valid reasons why these laws should not pertain to ALL providers in this industry. Nevertheless, this is still an issue that ALL providers in this industry must take into consideration. So, if someone is known (or suspected) to be part of law enforcement then Providers need to know this before scheduling appointments.

  • When You Set Your Appointment: Once you have contacted the provider, completed their screening process (if there was one) and are ready to schedule an appointment – how the provider communicates with you regarding your appointment will also tell you something about who you are dealing with. Once you are scheduled there are certain pieces of information that should be very clearly communicated including:

    1. Directions: Since most Sensual Massage providers do not work out of retail locations, there are often specific instructions you need (beyond just an address) in order to get to their venue. Make sure these instructions are clear, simple to follow and very specific. If you end up being 15 – 30 minutes late to your appointment because their instructions weren’t clear then most providers will still charge you for that time (since they have allocated time out of their schedule and were sitting there waiting for you to arrive).

    2. Who Your Provider Will Be: Many Sensual Massage providers actually work out of a place where there are multiple providers available. So, you should be very clear on who you will actually be seeing. You should be able to see photos of the masseuse you will be seeing before you ever schedule. If you truly are wanting a good massage then you might need to know if there is someone who is a licensed massage therapist (or at least knows how to give a real massage). You should also be able to specify whether you want a male or female masseuse. This is one of the biggest down sides of using a walk-in massage parlor. Because normally you won’t know who you are seeing until you walk into the location or, in some cases, the actual room. That can be a very scary proposition.

    3. Fee For The Session: The fee for your massage should be clearly communicated to you in advance. Many providers offer several different types of massage (including regular massage, full body massage, erotic massage, happy ending massage, male massages, female massages). They also offer different options during the massage (which may differ depending on whether you are a male or female). They also offer different amounts of time allocated for the massage. As a result, it would be very easy to walk into a session thinking you are going to pay one fee when it fact you end up paying a very different fee. This is an area of communication where there should be NO surprises.

  • At The Beginning Of Your Session: Most sessions are initially scheduled for at least one 60 minutes. This is because it is quite difficult to do anything other than a “happy ending” in 30 minutes or less. So, if all you are looking for is a happy ending then you might be better off just visiting a local, sleazy walk-in massage therapist who is known for giving happy endings. But if you are looking for a true erotic massage where you can explore different parts of your sexuality and have the freedom to experience different forms of pleasure then you will certainly need at least an hour to explore some of these fantasies.

    This is why it is very important for your provider to allocate some time at the beginning to clearly communicate with you about what should and should not be included during your time together. For example, if you truly do want to start off with a good full body massage then this is important for your provider to know. If you want more of an erotic massage and to have the ability to explore things related to your fantasies and desires then you should communicate that to your provider. If you are a husband and wife then you need to communicate if you want to actually have sex and/or achieve an orgasm and whether you want to do that with a male or female. In this case, you should also discuss how you think that will affect your relationship with each other.

  • During The Session: One of the primary benefits of having the discussions mentioned above is that it helps you relax and create an environment where you can be more receptive to the adventure that lies ahead. Now that you’ve decided what you want included and not included, your provider can focus on the specific techniques to help you enjoy more pleasure during the allotted time. For instance, perhaps you are a woman and you’ve already discussed with your provider how your husband usually just wants to have sex and never really takes enough time to get you warmed up enough to actually achieve an orgasm. This information is very helpful for the provider. Now the provider knows that they need to spend a bit more time using slow massage strokes all over your body, perhaps caress your head and neck and then slowly work their way down to gently tease your nipples. For women, the value of this approach cannot be underestimated. Then once your provider sees that you have passed the “warming up” point and your body begins to show the sign that you are ready for more… only then are you ready for a cock (or something similar) to be introduced into the experience.

  • At The End Of Your Session: Once your time with the provider is completed, it is also very important for your provider to spend just a few minutes in a brief review of what happened during the session. Perhaps they ask how you they liked the massage or did you like the way they touched your body or did you learn something about sex that you didn’t know before this experience.

  • After You Leave: Any true professional always wants candid feedback that can be provided by the client that perhaps they didn’t share in person. This could be positive feedback that they didn’t share because they were so overwhelmed “in the moment” or it could be constructive negative feedback about how the experience could have been improved. Either way, there are benefits both for you and the provider in sharing this information. For truly professional providers you will often see these types of reviews posted on their web site.

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In this industry, the price points can vary widely. You can find providers who price their time anywhere from $50 per hour for a simple massage, to $150 for happy ending massages, to $300 for a full body massage where your provider may be partially unclothed, to $500 for a complete erotic massage which may include intercourse, and up to $1,500 for even more intriguing experiences.

But even within these specific price points your experience may vary widely based on who the provider is and what knowledge, skills, experience, skills and personality they have. Even the facility itself can partially determine what your experience was like. So the real question you should be asking yourself is what actual value are you getting for the money you pay.

For the 20 year old male who is simply tired of masturbating a $150 happy ending massage may be all the value they need (or can afford). For a 55 year old woman who has been in a sexless marriage for the past 25-30 years, a $50 complete erotic massage might be just what the doctor ordered. Meanwhile, for a mature couple who have experienced some challenges in the bedroom and need experienced professionals to help them work through these issues while also providing “partners” they can explore their fantasies with… then the $1,500 option is very much a good value for them.

Lastly, for those who have recently become widowed or perhaps the partner they love and are committed to has a incurable disease which now prevents them from having sex or being able to satisfy their partner… I’m not sure how you even place a value on what this type of experience can provide for them.


If you wanting or needing something more than just a “rub and tug”, then you are certainly going to want to be looking for a massage therapist that can not only give a great massage but who also knows a great deal about the human body. After all, fulfilling someone’s desires requires not only good listening skills but also the knowledge to know what to do once you’ve told them what your needs and desires are.

This is particularly true for women. Having the knowledge of how to truly satisfy a woman’s needs and desires is not nearly as simple as it is for men. So, you definitely want to find a provider that has both the knowledge and experience of dealing with women.


As mentioned previously, a massage therapist with knowledge about the human body (particularly for women) is very important when it comes to erotic massages. However, knowledge is one thing… experience is another. Just ask any young student coming out of college or trade school. You can have all the knowledge in the world… but there are many things that only experience can teach you. This is one of the reasons why the age of the provider is something you should carefully consider. As an example, when a 19 year old promotes themselves as a “sex and relationship coach”- you should seriously question just how much experience they could possibly have in dealing with sex and relationships at that age.


When you think about the type of provider you would want to see you might be tempted to think primarily about the physical attributes of the provider. For instance, many men look for a female provider within a specific age range with a particular type of body and/or a certain size of breasts. For women, it might be the kind of provider (either male or female) that could not only provide a good massage but also has a particular kind of touch or a particular type of strength.

However, one thing you should also consider is the overall personality of the provider. After all, this is potentially an individual you could be spending hours with and perhaps even become a repeat client. So, whether or not they give a good massage is one thing – but is this provider the type of individual you might want to have an on-going relationship with is an entirely different question.

Some of the things you might look for in a provider is something who has a great sense of humor, someone who is a good conversationalist or has interesting stories, someone who has similar life experiences as you or someone who is empathetic to your situation.

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Nice Facility and Amenities

Let’s face it, you can get a decent massage in almost any type of facility. Even some hole-in-the-wall retail massage parlors can provide you with a decent massage. But do you really just want a massage or do you want an “experience”? After all, even the word “sensual” kind of lends itself to thinking about the overall experience you might have. In many cases, it is the actual facility and the amenities that are present in the facility that make a huge impact in the overall experience.

For instance, if you walk into a retail massage parlor in a commercial strip center this is a very “public” place where you could easily be seen walking in and out of this establishment. Depending on the type of experience you want to have this may not provide the “private” seeing you might be looking for. In addition, keep in mind that law enforcement can walk into any retail or commercial establishment unannounced without even so much as a search warrant. This is one of the reasons why you see retail locations often targeted by law enforcement. If the facility is in a private location or is in a residential location, then law enforcement must have a search warrant to enter the premises. For more information on the legality of this industry, please see our other article (Is A Sensual Massage Legal?).

But setting aside the legality and privacy issues, the remaining question is what type of experience do you have when you walk into the provider’s suite. What is your first impression? Is it a cluttered place (or perhaps even an apartment) and you wonder if perhaps the provider also lives there? Keep in mind that many independent providers do work out of their own home or apartment. In some cases their dogs, cats and even children may be in another room just a few feet away. This usually does not provide the type of experience you might be looking for.

When you first walk in what do you smell? Is it a fresh and clean smell or perhaps a “sensual” smell? Is there music playing? Are their candles lit and an “ambiance” that has been created by the provider? Are you offered something to drink… at least a bottle of water but perhaps even the alcoholic beverage of your choice?

The furnishings inside the suite can also say a lot about the provider. Have they spared no expense in creating a luxurious setting? Or does it look like they barely had enough money to furnish the place?

Are you given the opportunity to bath or shower before and/or after massage? Are their toiletries made available so you can feel fresh and groomed before you leave?

All of these are the little touches that can create a truly exceptional experience or one that is quite forgettable.

What Types Of Locations Provide Sensual Massage?

There are actually several different types of locations that offer these types of experiences. Which type of location you choose is largely determined by what type of experience you want to have and what you are willing to pay for this experience.

Note: Keep in mind that different types of locations may promote or market these types of experiences using slightly different words or phrases. Some of these phrases include: erotic massage, body massage, body rub, rub and tug, couples massage, happy ending massages, tantric massage, full body sensual massage and sometimes even thai massage.

Here are just a few of the different types of locations to consider:

Walk-In Massage Parlors

These are usually located in retail strip centers or commercial locations and will have a sign that clearly indicates this is a place to get a massage. You’ve probably heard stories related to some guy (or gal) who walks into a massage parlor late at night and asks if they offer a happy ending. In these types of establishments you generally don’t know what you are walking into or what type of provider you will end up seeing. Sometimes you won’t even know if you are getting a male or female provider or what the age is of the provider until you walk into the room. This fact alone can create some very uncomfortable situations to say the least.

This is why it is very important to read reviews that have been written by actual users of this establishment. You should also keep in mind that (for security reasons) most of these establishments have security cameras and they do record videos of the people coming in and out of the establishment. Since they generally don’t do any screening of their patrons – this is their only means of providing some protection for their facility and their providers.

Independent Providers

As mentioned previously, many independent providers work out of their apartment or sometimes use hotel rooms instead for these massage services. The vast majority of these independent providers are female. This is primarily because the vast majority of people looking for this type of experience are men. In addition, men are not as intimidated by the idea of walking into a strangers apartment or hotel room.

However, for women this can be significantly more intimidating (regardless of whether they are seeing a male or female provider). Just going to a strange site, parking your car on the street or perhaps in a parking garage, walking down a strange hallway and knocking on a strange door without even knowing who might be about to open the door… all of this can be quite intimidating.

On other thing to keep in mind is that, for their own protection, some of these independent providers may try to secretly take videos using hidden cameras. So, this is a question you might want to ask when you first arrive. If you ask them and they don’t disclose this information this is illegal in most states and countries.

This is why it is always important to read the reviews provided by individuals who have been there before you.


An agency is usually run by one or more individuals who manage the “business” side of things (including the facility, the marketing and the money). They will provide these services to their providers in exchange for a fee that is passed back to the “house” out of the proceeds from each session. For some providers this is a good thing because running the business side of things can be complicated, expensive and time consuming. This is why some providers prefer to work for an agency as opposed to being independent. Whereas, other providers want the freedom associated with being independent even if it means they have to spend more time managing the “business” side of things.

If managed well, agencies will generally provide a more professional experience than you might get elsewhere. But this is not always the case. Some agencies are run by unscrupulous people who are just in it for the money and they really don’t care much about their providers. Some will even go to the extent of participating in human-trafficking schemes so that they always have new providers. So, you really do need to be careful when dealing with agencies.

Often the web site for the agency can give you some indication of what type of agency this might be. If they primarily offer young girls and they are open all hours of the day then you might want to be a little concerned. However, if they offer a nice balance of male and female providers at different ages and body types then these are positive signs that this might be a respectable establishment.

In addition, for women this might be a better option because you are generally dealing with less “unknowns” and have some idea what you might be walking into.


If you are looking for something more than just a massage and perhaps are looking for companionship, conversation or someone you can be seen in public with… then escorts might be an option to consider. In addition, some erotic massage providers also do offer escort types of services.

Most escorts do have a web site where you can see pictures and perhaps even videos of them. So, as long as their pictures and videos are recent then you should know what you are getting yourself into. Most escorts have hours that allow them to work at night and many are accustomed to doing “outcalls” to a hotel. There are also both male and female escorts. So for some women this might also be something to consider.

However, not all escorts give a great massage. In fact, some of them don’t do it at all. So, you should definitely have a good understanding of what services they offer before scheduling with them.

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