What Is A Sensual Massage?

Everything You Need To Know About A Sensual Massage

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Is A Sensual Massage Sometimes Called Something Else?

A Sensual Massage (or at least what people think is a Sensual Massage) is often referred to by a variety of other names or phrases.
Here are just a few of the names or phrases you will also see used in place of the term Sensual Massage:

  • Full Body Massage

  • Full Body Sensual Massage (also known as “FBSM”)

  • Body Rub Massage

  • Body Rub

  • BackPage Body Rub (BackPage is an old website that used to be well-known for advertising Sensual Massages)

  • Erotic Massage

  • Adult Massage

  • Tantric Massage (or Tantra Massage)

  • Sexual Massage

  • Lingam Massage (otherwise known as a Penis Massage)

  • Yoni Massage (otherwise known as a Vulva Massage or a Vaginal Massage)

  • Nuru Massage (“nuru” is actually a type of oil that is used primarily for a body on body massage but is often very sensual similar to a Sensual Massage)

  • Couples Sensual Massage (since couples often do this together).  For more information on this topic, please read our other article:

What Is Included In A Sensual Massage?

Exactly what is included in a Sensual Massage varies greatly and strictly depends on what your provider or massage therapist is comfortable with. It also depends on what boundaries, restrictions and agreements you establish with your provider or massage therapist before the session begins. In addition, once your provider begins to start massaging you, either you or your provider can change your boundaries, restrictions or agreements as long as you communicate with each other and agree to something different. However, you should always make sure that both parties are in agreement to avoid any uncomfortable issues after the session.

In addition, exactly what is included in an Adult Massage session is often dependent on the price that is charged by your provider or massage therapist. Some providers will offer “upgrades” at higher price points that they are not willing to do at a lower price. Other providers or massage therapists will offer a sliding scale or multiple pricing options which clearly define what is included for each pricing option.

Some providers will clearly publish what is included in their session on their website. However, since this type of massage is not legal in all parts of the world your provider may be reluctant to get too specific on their website since this could be help against them in a court of law. They may also be reluctant to discuss these items over text messages or email. So, you may have to discuss these items in person once you and your provider are more comfortable with each other.

Sensual Massage At Charm BodyWorks In Dallas, Texas

Below are a few of the most common services which may be offered by your provider or massage therapist as part of a Adult Massage session:

  • Massage Table

  • Clothing Optional (normally the client is completely nude and the provider may be either partially or completely nude. This is also referred to as “Full View” if you and the provider or fully nude).

  • Mutual Touch (this means that not only can the provider or massage therapist touch you but you can also touch them as well. Be sure and discuss “where” you are allowed to touch the provider in advance. Always ask consent first).

  • Full Body Massage (soft, therapeutic and relaxing strokes with the provider’s hands and fingers utilizing pressure to help you relax and reduce stress – similar to what would be included in a Thai Massage or Swedish Massage)

  • Four Hands Massage (same thing as a Full Body Massage but done by two providers or massage therapists in order to provider a more relaxing and erotic feeling all over your skin and body)
  • Oil: Most providers will use some type of massage oil during the session because oil feels good, provides a smoother sensation to the skin and body and makes massages much more pleasurable and enjoyable. The most common oil used by providers is an unscented coconut oil which stays on a long time, hardly ever dries out and can make all sorts of strokes and massages very enjoyable.

Sensual Massage At Charm BodyWorks In Dallas, Texas
  • Erotic Massage: One of the primary things that differentiates an Adult Massage from a traditional massage is when your provider or massage therapist starts massaging the different erogenous zones of the body. These erogenous zones can include the neck, arm pits, internal joints of knees and elbows, ribs, feet, toes, inner thighs, groin, lingam (penis and/or testicles), yoni (vulva, vagina and/or clitoris), perennial muscle and anal area.
  • Sexual Arousal: It is very common for clients to become quite aroused during Erotic Massages. When your massage therapists or adult massage provider begins rubbing oil all over your body (including erogenous zones) it is only natural for the client to become very aroused. As a matter of fact, your adult massage provider would probably be disappointed and perhaps a little concerned if you didn’t become aroused. After all, this is normally part of the job description for an adult massage provider is someone who is capable of creating sexual arousal in their clients.

  • Orgasm: It is also quite common (but certainly not required) for clients to experience one or more orgasms during an erotic massage. The massage therapist or adult massage provider is usually highly-trained and experience in how to bring clients to the point of orgasm. In fact, some adult massage providers feel it is their responsibility to help their client achieve one or more orgasms. However, not all adult massage sessions are about reaching orgasm. Sometimes clients just want to experience something more sensual and erotic than a traditional massage. So ultimately this is up to the client.

  • Sexual Intercourse: Not all erotic massage or adult massage sessions include the option of sexual intercourse. However, many providers do offer sexual intercourse as part of an erotic massage or adult massage session. However, you should be aware that most providers charge more if this is to be included in the session.

Sensual Massage At Charm BodyWorks In Dallas, Texas
  • Couples Sensual Massage: It is actually quite common for couples to seek out locations where they can get an erotic massage together. It can be quite exhilarating to see your partner’s body being touched by someone else. In addition, you might learn new techniques for pleasuring your partner’s body by participating in one of these sessions.  For more information on this topic, please read our other article:
  • Sex Education: When you are a provider in this business, you quickly come to realize just how little most people know about sex. The reality is that no one ever teaches us about sex. If anything, we are taught by our parents, schools and religions organizations that we should avoid sex as much as possible. As a result, there are very few resources or places we can utilize to actually learn about sex. During our erotic massage sessions, we are more often than not teaching our clients about sex in one way or another. Sometimes we are just teaching them about their own bodies and how they can enjoy sex and sensuality more for themselves. In other cases, we are actually teaching them how to become better lovers and sexual partners for those they choose to have sexual relationships with. Quite frankly, this is one of the most rewarding aspects of this line of work.


  • Sex Therapy: It is actually quite common for people (both men and women) to come to us because they are experience some type of difficulty in their sex life. This can include a wide variety of issues including:

    • Erectile Dysfunction

    • Premature Ejaculation

    • Pain During Sex

    • Low Libido Or Sexual Desire

    • Inability To Achieve Orgasm

    • Difficulty Having Sex Due to Handicap Or Illness

    This is also one of those areas that we love helping our clients with. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone overcome these types of challenges so they can enjoy their own sensuality like many other people can.

Sensual Massage At Charm BodyWorks In Dallas, Texas

What is NOT Included In A Sensual Massage?

Usually when getting an adult massage, your provider or massage therapist will have certain things they are not comfortable doing during the session. This could be simply because they are not trained in these areas or it may be something they are just not comfortable doing. It is also possible that they are just not willing to do it for the stated price. In some cases, if you offer to pay more (sometimes substantially more) they may reconsider their position.

Here are just a few of the things that you may find on the “Not Included” list:

  • Fetish Activities

  • Kink Activities

  • BDSM Activities

Sensual Massage At Charm BodyWorks In Dallas, Texas

How Is A Sensual Massage Different for Men vs. Women?

An erotic massage may differ slightly depending on whether you are a man (penis owner) or a woman (vulva owner).

For one thing penis owners tend to be much easier to get aroused and to experience orgasms. As a result, the massage therapist or provider typically won’t have to allocate as much time to the actual lingam massage since orgasm tends to happen fairly quickly for most penis owners.

On the other hand, vulva owners typically take longer to get “warmed up” and get comfortable with the touch of the provider. They typically need more time to build up a feeling of trust before they will allow themselves to become aroused or experience orgasm(s).

As a result, it is very helpful for providers who give erotic massages to women to spend a significant amount of time providing a relaxing massage. This can include the head, neck and shoulders where women tend to carry a lot of their stress.

The neck is not only an area of stress but it is also an erogenous zone that is not considered too threatening to a woman. So, this is a great way to help a woman relax while also beginning the process of arousal.

Once a vulva owner starts becoming relaxed and comfortable with the providers touch, then this is a good time to begin to massage and discover the more erotic zones of the woman’s body.

Once the woman begins to respond to these more erotic touches it is often possible for the vulva owner to experience multiple orgasms. This is assuming that the provider knows how to give a woman multiple different types of orgasms.

While lingam owners (men) tend to experience only one type of orgasm, vulva owners (women) can experience multiple types of orgasms including:

  • Clitoral orgasms

  • G-Spot (vaginal) orgasms

  • Squirting orgasms

  • Anal orgasms

As you can see, the overall experience can be quite different for men verses women during an erotic massage.

Sensual Massage At Charm BodyWorks In Dallas, Texas

What Are The Benefits Of A Sensual Massage?

There are actually many potential benefits of an adult or erotic massage. Below we have listed just a few of these:

  • Stress Relief: Even traditional massage can be very good for stress relief. However, when you add massage oil, erotic touch, some new massage techniques, arousal and potentially orgasms into this picture the experience can be an excellent form of stress relief.
  • Sexual Release: Experiencing one or more orgasms is definitely one of the best stress relievers there is. Furthermore, relaxing after a sexual release can be one of the most enjoyable things you will ever do.
  • Exploring Fantasies: For many individuals and couples, getting a good sensual massage from a quality sensual massage provider can be safe and effective way to explore some of your deepest fantasies. For many people, getting an erotic massage from someone other than your traditional partner is itself a major fantasy. For some couples, having a third- or fourth-party involved in your couples experience may be just the thing to fulfill one of your major fantasies.
  • The Perfect Date Night Experience: For many couples, the opportunity for you and/or your partner to be covered in oil and receive a relaxing yet exciting erotic massage can be just the ticket to getting you and your partner in the mood for a wonderful date night experience.
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