Benefits of a Couples Sensual Massage

What Are The Benefits Of A Couples Sensual Massage?

Couples Sensual Massage can be an amazing experience for you and your partner.

If you don’t know what a Sensual Massage is then you might want to check out our other article (What Is A Sensual Massage?) which goes into much more detail about what this is and what is included.

For this article, we will be primarily focusing on the benefits of a Sensual Massage for Couples and why you might want to experience this.

Note: In this article, we may also use the terms “Erotic” or “Tantric” in place of “Sensual” to describe certain activities. These terms are often used interchangeably within this industry.


It is actually quite common these days for couples to seek out locations where they can get an erotic massage together. These days, more and more couples are broadening their horizons and expanding the boundaries of traditional monogamous models. In addition, couples are regularly seeking to add some spice into their relationships by allowing their partners to have erotic or sexual experiences with other individuals.

In our Sensual Massage practice, this is one of the primary things that differentiates us from many other providers because we have both female and male providers and we LOVE to provide this experience for couples.

Letting Go Of Traditional Fears And Models

Most of us have grown up in environments where our morals and our models for relationships were primarily derived from our parents and our religious institutions. However, it is also becoming increasingly clear that the traditional monogamous relationship model promoted by most religions and most often promoted by our parents is simply not working. Research shows that divorce rates for first-time marriages above 50%, divorce rates for second marriages above 65% and break up rates for monogamous relationships overall (including co-habitating and non-married couples) exceeding 80%. It is clear from these statistics that we need to come up with better relationship models which can provide a framework for stable, committed, long-term relationships while also allowing each partner in the relationship to be fulfilled as an individual and not just a slave to an old broken relationship model.

For those couples and individuals who are willing to let go of traditional fears (such as jealousy and envy) and are willing to explore some new models for modern committed relationships, we believe that exploring Sensual Massage sessions both individually and as a couple can be an excellent way to dip your toes into these waters without involving friends, acquaintances, colleagues or total strangers you might pick up in a bar or on a dating site.

The traditional monogamous relationship model most often defined “monogamy” as only having sex with one person for the rest of your life. As the statistics illustrated above have shown, there are very few people who even stay with the same person for the rest of their lives. One of the primary reasons for this is because (even though we may be in a committed relationship with a single person) that doesn’t necessarily mean that we only want to have sexual experiences with that one person for the rest of our lives.

Many people think that once you enter into a committed relationship with someone that you somehow now “own” all of their feelings, emotions and fantasies and that they should ONLY think about you as their ONLY sexual partner. The truth is that even when are are completely committed to one person (from a relationship standpoint) that doesn’t mean that your active fantasy life goes dormant or dies. If people are honest, they will tell you that they still have an active fantasy life… one that does NOT always include their current committed partner (or perhaps includes their current partner but also involves other people).

This is why so many people end up having affairs… because the concept that one person can satisfy 100% of our sexual needs, desires and fantasies is simply not true, not realistic and sometimes not even feasible. Couples who are now embracing the concept that you can never fulfill 100% of your spouses sexual needs, desires or fantasies are realizing that modern relationship models need to somehow incorporate this concept into their agreements with each other.

Giving your spouse this freedom of exploring their sexual needs, desires and fantasies is one of the greatest gifts you can give (if it is being done for the right reasons). As mentioned previously, we believe that a Couples Sensual Massage is an excellent way to begin exploring some of these possibilities.

Benefits of a Sensual Couples Massage
Benefits of a Sensual Couples Massage

Key Decisions To Make For Your Couples Sensual Massage

Below we have listed just a few of the key decisions you’ll want to make experiencing your first Couples Sensual Massage:

Both Partner’s Participating Or Just One

A Couples Sensual Massage can be structured in several different ways. As a couple, you can make the decision whether both of you should be present for the massage session or whether you should go separately as individuals. If you decide that both of you should be present, you can then decide if you should both receive a massage or if just one of you should receive the massage while the other one watches.

One Participating While The Other Watches

Watching your lover’s body being smothered with oil, hearing the sounds your lover makes when they are being touched and aroused and getting to watch them receive the ultimate gift of reaching orgasm can be one of the most erotic experiences you will ever have as an individual. It is also one of the most erotic experiences your lover will ever have (knowing that you are watching them the entire time). As a result, for many couples this can be a wonderful experience.

However, for some people, the idea of their spouse watching them during their session may cause a wide variety of concerns to surface. Some individuals want this experience to be just about them. A time for them to relax and explore their own needs, desires and fantasies without worrying about what their spouse might be thinking or feeling during the session.

Both Participating

If you decide as a couple that you should both receive a massage, this can be an excellent choice (and is the most common choice). However, once you decide that you should both receive a massage you will need to decide if you both want to be in the same room or in separate rooms.

Same Room Or Separate Room Experiences

When both of your bodies are being massaged and stimulated at the same time (in the same room) it can be a wonderful sharing and bonding experience for the couple. Some couples find this very stimulating because they can hear the sounds of their lover being touched, they can visually watch them being stimulated and even see/hear them achieving orgasm. This type of energy in the room can often produce powerful results for one or both of the individuals.

However, for some people, hearing all these noises and seeing these visuals can not only be a huge distraction… it can also prevent them from having the experience they desired just for themselves. Sometimes knowing that your spouse may be watching or listening, thinking about what they may be thinking while still trying to focus on your own experience can just be overwhelming. As a result, some people prefer to not have their spouse present (or at least not in the same room) while they are receiving their Erotic Massage.

Couples Sensual Massage

Selection Of A Provider

Another key decision you will need to make for your session is the selection of the massage provider for each of you. The most common scenario is that the female would prefer to have a male massage provider and the male would prefer to have a female massage provider. However, for a variety of reasons, sometimes the female may prefer (or be more comfortable with) a female massage provider. In addition, sometimes the male actually would prefer to have a male massage provider.

The key thing is that each of you end up getting what YOU actually want… and not what you think your spouse wants you to have. It is actually quite common for us to see couples making these decisions for the wrong reasons. This is why we will sometimes explore why they made these decisions prior to the start of the couples massage. Because our ultimate goal is that each individual is provided with the freedom and opportunity to receive the type of experience they truly want to have.

Sometimes it becomes quite clear that at least one of the individuals has not truly dealt with their own jealousy and fears. We see this most often exhibited by men. There is a common misconception that women are more “insecure” than men are. This is actually not true. After having done sessions with thousands of individuals and couples it is very clear that men are way more insecure then women when it comes these types of situations. As a result, we often see female clients making the decision to use a female massage provider only because they know their male spouse would get upset (or perhaps would not even allow them) if they selected a male massage provider. This is a sad but very true reality of what we see on a daily basis in this business.

However, the opposite can be true as well. In our society, it is perfectly acceptable for men to be with women and even for women to be with women. Unfortunately, our culture and society has been much slower in “approving” for men to be with men. This is another sad but true reality of our current culture. However, the truth is that the vast majority of men (if they are 100% honest) have at one time in their life fantasized about what it would be like to feel the touch and/or be with another man. Of course, most heterosexual men will deny this with every ounce of their machismo because they know they will most likely be judged by their spouse for even considering this. However, it might actually surprise you just how many male clients come to see us because they actually are “bi-curious” and they would like to have a safe environment where they can explore this side of their fantasy life.

We have also done many sessions where the male may initially have a female provider while his female partner has a male provider. But before the session is over, they have both “experimented” with what it would be like to interact with the same-sex provider.

In the Sensual Massage business, we have pretty much already seen it all. So, there is no room for judgment in our business. This is why be try to always maintain a staff of both female and male providers who are comfortable operating in situations (heterosexual, bisexual, bi-curious as well as all LGBTQ+ variations).

Climaxing Separately Or Together

Another topic that you should explore as a couple is whether you ultimately would like to climax (experience orgasm) separately with your respective massage provider. Another option is for each of you to reach a certain state of arousal with your provider but then wait to climax with each other. This latter option may sound like a safe or less-threatening option for some couples. However, the reality is that it can be difficult to manage from a massage provider perspective during a couple’s massage.

The reality is that women usually take much longer to climax than men do. It is not unusual for men to climax within the first few minutes of being touched in their erogenous zones while women may need 20 – 30 minutes of “warming up” before they will be ready to climax. In addition, women can often achieve multiple orgasms within a session. While most men have difficulty achieving more than one orgasm in a session.

Another good alternative for couples is to allow each other to experience climax and orgasm at whatever rate and frequency they each desire (individually) but then to reserve some time at the end of the session for them to be together. This can be a wonderful time for the couple to spend together (whether just cuddling, having intercourse or perhaps even practicing some of the things they’ve learned during the session).

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Benefits Of A Couples Sensual Massage

In this section of the article, we want to explore the many of the surprising health benefits of a couple’s massage.

Research has consistently shown that a therapeutic massage provides many benefits for the human body. Nowhere is this more true than with couple’s massages. Couple’s massage therapy not only makes your body feel really good but it also has many other positive aspects as well.

Physical Therapy

The experience of slow, smooth and sometimes deep massage strokes all of your body is one of the best forms of effective physical therapy. When combined with enhancers such as essential oils this will not only help you relax but will also increase blood flow to those aching muscles that most all of us experience.

As we all seem to experience increasingly busy schedules, we find it difficult to spend time taking care of our physical body. This is why actually scheduling time for a couples massage can be one of the best things you will ever do for your body and your sex life.

Improved Circulation

A good couples massage can not only help you relax but the physical touch involved in a massage can also result in improved circulation.

Stress Relief

Stress is one of the worse things you can do to your body. Stress is the number one cause of disease in the physical body. Stress is also one of the primary factors leasing to mental illness and emotional challenges.

Stress relief is one of the benefits of sensual massages. The ability to focus on your well being while also helping to heal your body is certainly one of the best things about a couples massage.

Improved Blood Pressure Levels

Relaxation and increased blood circulation throughout your entire body benefit for your body. Not only is an excellent form of stress relief but can also help to maintain good blood pressure levels.

Release of Feel Good Hormones

Getting a quality couple’s massage also causes your body to release feel good hormones that can dramatically improve your mood. The hormones responsible for good health also have a positive impact on your mind and emotions as well. For example, increased serotonin levels not only reduces stress but also gives you feelings of peace and happiness.

Improved Testosterone Levels

A couple’s massage can also help you maintain appropriate testosterone levels which also has benefits including stress reduction and promoting feelings of virility and increased libido.

Pain Reduction

Pain reduction is also one of the many good things about sensual massages. As we’ve already mentioned, stress is one of the worst things for your body. It causes inflammation at the cellular level throughout your body. Inflammation at the cellular level is one of the primary causes for joint pain, muscle aches, headaches and diseases in general.

As it turns out, the ability to reduce stress is one of your body’s natural painkillers. Anytime we can reduce pain this results in better overall health. When your body feels stress it sends pain signals to your brain. Getting erotic massages improves blood circulation, relaxation and provides pain relief.

Other Health Benefits

Getting sensual massages also improves your health in other ways as well. Below we have listed just a few of the other benefits of sensual massages:

  • Reduced Heart Disease

  • Reduced Risk Of Prostate Cancer

  • Strengthening Your Immune System

  • Proper maintenance of white blood cells

  • Improved ability to get a good night’s sleep

  • Improved mood

Non-Health Benefits

Besides the many health issues we have addressed, there are many other good things that result from erotic massage including:

  • Increased Pleasure

  • Increased sexual activity

  • Improved physical intimacy

  • Increased sexual energy

  • Increased sexual arousal and sexual desire

  • Improved body image

As we’ve outlined, a couples massage can provide all the benefits of massage therapy combined with the benefits of erotic massage. Erotic massage therapy provides an opportunity for you and your partner to experience pleasure and intimacy together. It also provides an excellent opportunity for you to spend quality time together, to enjoy the pleasure that couples massages provide, to stimulate libido, to feel relaxed and to encourage stress free communication between the two of you.

Couple's Erotic Massage

Exploring Fantasies During The Session

One of the primary benefits of erotic massage that is less talked about is that it creates the opportunity for you to explore some of your individual fantasies in a safe environment. Exploring your fantasies can be a really fun and exciting thing to talk about. However, actually putting it into practice can be more difficult than you might think. Since many fantasies also involve other people besides you and your significant other, finding these “other people” is not always a trivial thing. This is why utilizing professional providers you can get to know and trust can be such a wonderful option for couples.

Safe Way To Practice A More Open Relationship Model

An erotic massage also provides a safe way for you to practice implement a more open model for you and your significant other. Once you have discussed and determined what agreements you want to put in place, a couples massage can provide an opportunity for you to put this into practice. This will allow you to create situations where you will have to learn to put your fears aside and give your lover the freedom to explore some of their fantasies. Your lover will in turn do the same for you. After each experience, you will no doubt need to sit down and talk openly about what you enjoyed and what made you feel a little uneasy. This is how you grow together in a more positive and open model.

Learning New Techniques For Pleasuring Your Partner

One of the most exciting parts of a couple’s massage is learning new ways of pleasuring your lover’s body. In many ways, sex is a lost art form. Most people today know very little about sex and how to please your lover’s body.

During a tantric massage, you will have the opportunity to learn new techniques from your provider. Some of these these techniques (such as Tantra, Kama Sutra and Zen) have eastern origins and are little known by most people in the west.

After you have spent time learning some of these techniques you will gain new confidence in your ability as a lover. Becoming more confident has the side benefit of increasing a person’s libido.

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