“Tantalizing Trans”

Getting To Know Lexi

If you are looking for something different and exciting… then Lexi might be just what you are looking for.
Lexi loves providing clients with something a little different.  She is definitely a pleaser and can fulfill all sorts of fantasies that are difficult to find anywhere else.

If you like to have your cake and eat it too – then she is the perfect dessert for you.

Lexi is strong yet sensual. Feminine yet masculine.  Submissive but certainly able to take control.

Whether you are a male looking for that fantasy experience, a female looking to explore all of your secret desires, or a couple looking to explore your options… you won’t be disappointed.

Lexi’s goal is always to make sure your encounter is a pleasurable and mutually satisfying experience which creates the desire for many repeat encounters.

She enjoys compelling conversations (and some fun banter) while also leaving plenty of time for exploring all five of your senses.

Lexi is perfectly comfortable with males, females, 4-hands or couples sessions.

She is a pre-operative trans female, 32 years old, 5′ 9″, 170 lbs, 36DD, hazel eyes and brunette/blonde hair with some tattoos.

Lexi’s Gallery

Lexi’s Services / Rates

Each provider sets their own rates.  So be sure and check each providers page for their rates. 
We only charge for the provider’s time. Whatever occurs during your session is between consenting adults. 

For new clients, once you arrive for your session a few minutes will be allocated for you and your Provider to discuss what to expect in the session.  This time is part of the total amount of time allocated for the session.  While we want to make sure you are perfectly comfortable with what is included in the session… we also try to keep this time to a minimum in order to maximize the remaining time available for the actual session.

Here are the specific services and associated rates for this Provider:

My Sensual Massage is designed to be one of the most sensual experiences of your life… to release all of your tension and arouse your deepest desires.  My Sensual Massage experience will be customized based on your preferences, boundaries, fears, and fantasies.

While a wide variety of options are available to you (which we will discuss before starting your session), there is a limit to what is included in the Sensual Massage session. 

This session is designed for those who want a sensual massage.  During this session, I wear lingerie and no customized services are included.  If you would like to include customized services, you can upgrade to the Ultimate Experience during your session.

My Rates:

60 mins: $300
90 mins: $450

Mu Ultimate Experience  is designed to be the ultimate erotic experience.  In addition to the services provided in a Sensual Massage session,  you will also have a large variety of additional options to choose from during our Ultimate Experience session (including full view and mutual touch).

While there is a large variety of options that can be included in your Ultimate Experience session, this session does not include any DOM, BDSM or Fetish activities.  

My goal in the Ultimate Experience session is to provide a safe and controlled environment where you can explore the vast majority of your deepest desires.

My Rates:

60 mins: $400
90 mins: $600

For first-time couples, I require a minimum of 90 minutes for the session (I spend a little more time up front with couples since there are two parties involved). 

If you are a couple booking looking for two providers, I have some other providers who can join us.  Each provider has their own rates for the type of service you select.  So you can just add those rates together for the amount of time you desire.

If you are a couple booking with just me, then please see the Third-Party Participation rates below.  

Third-Party Participation Rates:

It is common for my clients to bring a third-party with them (perhaps a partner or spouse).  This requires me to focus on and entertain multiple parties.  So, I do charge an incremental fee for these situations.  These are charged as incremental fees on top of the my normal rates.

Third-party In The Room (Just Watching):  Add $100
Third-party In The Room (Participating): Add $200

These Third-Party Participation Rates are added to the rate for whatever type of service you select (Sensual Massage, Ultimate Experience, etc.)

There is nothing quite like having 4 hands caressing and stimulating you at the same time.  The 4-Hands experience can be quite erotic because your brain is overloaded with stimulus from so many touchpoints and erogenous zones. 

If you are interested in a 4-Hands massage, I can provide some suggestions for another provider to join u.

When combined with either a Sensual Massage or Ultimate Experience session, this becomes one of those experiences in life you will never forget.  As always, I provide a safe, controlled environment for you to explore all of your fantasies.


Since there are two Providers involved in a 4-Hands experience, the total rate is determined by adding together the rates for the two Providers involved.

So, simply determine what type of service you want (Sensual Massage, Ultimate Experience, etc.) and add together the rates for the two Providers you select.

My Nuru Massage is a totally unique sensual experiences that focus on body-to-body contact and massage.  Rather than using my hands, I use primarily my body to rub against your entire body to release all of your tension and arouse your deepest desires.  

This practice also involves the use of lots of Nuru oil (a very slippery substance that basically turns your whole body into a slip-and-slide).  It does creates quite the mess, so I have to use special sheets and coverings to protect the bed and floors.

The Nuru Massage experience will be customized for you based on your preferences, boundaries, fears and fantasies.  

My Rates:

60 mins: $400
90 mins: $600

Once you’ve experience one of my other packages, you will realize just how amazing your time with me can be.  It is not uncommon for my clients to ask to spend more time with me outside of my in-call facility. 

I am open to these types of arrangements and would love to create an unforgettable evening, event, weekend or vacation experience for you.  Please contact me and provide more information about the type of experience you would like to have and the amount of time you would like to spend with me. 

Once I have this information, I can provide a custom rate for you.

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